No one is ever excited about needing repairs, particularly when they seem to keep popping up. There comes a point when it’s time to skip scheduling your next Alfa Romeo repair and consider replacing your vehicle instead with a new Alfa Romeo vehicle at Helfman Alfa Romeo of Sugar Land.

How Long Does a Vehicle Last?

Unfortunately, there’s no way to predict how long a vehicle will last. There are lots of factors that play into a vehicle’s lifespan. It truly depends on how a vehicle was cared for and driven.

On average, most vehicles last between 11 and 12 years. However, there are so many vehicles, if properly maintained, that last upwards of 200,000 miles.

How Can I Increase My Vehicle’s Lifespan?

Routine maintenance is certainly one of the easiest ways to increase the lifespan of your vehicle. If you are continuously caring for your vehicle, you can ensure it is functioning efficiently.

There are a few other ways you can get the most out of your vehicle, such as:

  • Drive cautiously
  • Keep your car clean
  • Store it in the garage
  • Schedule repairs when it is driving unusually

Should I Replace My Vehicle?

While there are so many steps you can take to increase your vehicle’s lifespan, there comes a time when it has run its course. Here are a few signs to watch for that signal it’s time to replace your vehicle:

  • It’s unsafe or unreliable.
  • Your repair costs outweigh the value of the car.
  • Your maintenance costs outweigh a new vehicle payment.
  • The repairs will still give your vehicle a limited lifespan.

Think it’s time to trade your vehicle in for a new one? Visit our Alfa Romeo dealership in Houston, TX to find a quality vehicle you can trust. We’re happy to help today!