Springtime is upon us! As we know, the weather will continue to heat up each day, and we can expect a few rainfalls as well. However, it’s also important to schedule Alfa Romeo service at Helfman Alfa Romeo of Sugar Land as the seasons change.

Change Your Windshield Wiper Blades

Even though summer is often our rainiest season, we can still expect rain this spring. It’s important to make sure that your windshield wipers can adequately clear your windshield, for your own safety. Typically, you should change your windshield wiper blades at least once a year, and the spring season is an opportune time to do so.

Clean Your Car

Many homeowners thoroughly clean their homes each spring, why not your vehicle? A dirty cabin isn’t just unsightly to look at. Over time, it can be unhealthy to drive, with the accumulation of bacteria and unclean air. Make sure to carefully dust your interior and vacuum your seats and rugs.

Don’t forget to also visit the carwash. Your exterior’s finish may become compromised and will fade.   

Change Your Oil

Your oil plays a more important role in your vehicle’s operation than you may realize. Your car needs it to keep the many moving parts of your engine moving smoothly, which helps limit excessive heat under you hood and can even prevent engine failure.

However, over time, engine oil becomes gummy and too thick to move freely, reducing its effectiveness. This is why routine changes are important.

Need help maintaining your Alfa Romeo vehicle this spring? We encourage you to schedule an appointment with the trained technicians at our Houston auto service center. We’ll have your vehicle ready for spring in no time!