There’s no denying that Alfa Romeo vehicles are built to perform. However, we know there are drivers that want more. When you crave spine-tingling acceleration and exhilarating power, you need Alfa Romeo performance parts from Helfman Alfa Romeo of Sugar Land.

Performance Tires

The tires you select can truly impact the performance of your vehicle. Performance tires are designed to give you precise handling, even at accelerated speeds. They still give you the grip and responsiveness you need too, even when navigating twists and turns.

Exhaust System

Did you know that a faulty exhaust system will start to diminish your vehicle’s performance? It can impact your ability to accelerate and even reduce your power when you do. There are a multitude of exhaust systems to choose from to help increase your vehicle’s performance.

Air Filter

Your air filter can play a bigger impact on your vehicle’s performance than you realize. A clogged or dirty engine air filter reduces the amount of clean air your engine gets, which can, in turn, greatly reduce your acceleration and power. Plus, your vehicle will be less fuel efficient.


Naturally, Alfa Romeo vehicles are already powered with powerful engines. However, many drivers may not have opted for the most powerful option when purchasing and now realized they crave even more power. Keep in mind, you can only legally swap engines in a vehicle for another that was also intended for that vehicle, and it must be the same or newer.  

These are just a few of the performance parts that you can utilize to increase performance in your Alfa Romeo car or SUV. Contact our Alfa Romeo dealership serving Rosenberg, TX to chat with our team about your performance needs and we’ll find just what you need!