While there’s no denying that Alfa Romeo cars and SUVs are stunning as they are, there may be upgrades you want to make. Additionally, there may be Alfa Romeo parts you need to replace. These are the parts we see upgraded or replaced most at Helfman Alfa Romeo of Sugar Land.


A good set of tires can work wonders for your vehicle’s performance. When your tires have become too worn, it can diminish your vehicle’s performance and traction, and even your gas mileage. If you have cracks and bulges, your tread is low, or you have frequently declining tire pressure, it’s time to replace or upgrade your tires.


Did you know, on average, car batteries only last three or four years?

Watch for these signs that your battery is failing:

  • Your connections are corroded
  • Your lights aren’t as bright as usual
  • Your check engine light is on
  • Your engine hesitates to start
  • Something smells off

Windshield Wipers

Are your windshield wipers squeaky or leaving streaks on your windshield? Have they become brittle or are they cracking? To keep your line of sight clear, it’s crucial to replace your windshield wipers at least every year or once they show signs of wear.


Vehicles have four main filters: an oil filter, a fuel filter, a cabin filter, and an air filter. These filters help keep particles and contaminants out of your vehicle, as well as keep your fuel and oil clean. Naturally, filters get clogged over time and won’t work efficiently so it’s important to have them replaced regularly.

You can conveniently order genuine auto parts from our Alfa Romeo dealership near Missouri City, TX anytime. Reach out to our team for the parts you need today!