Are you on the lookout for a pre-owned Alfa Romeo Stelvio? We’re outlining a few of the questions to keep in mind when shopping at Helfman Alfa Romeo of Sugar Land.

Does it Have a Solid Service History?

When you are shopping for a pre-owned vehicle, you want to make sure the vehicle will continue to run for a long time to come. One of the best ways to know that a vehicle is reliable is to look at its service history. Has it received all the services recommended by the manufacturer? Has it received routine maintenance?

How Does it Drive?

While you want to ask about any issues the vehicle may have, it’s also important to drive it for yourself. Test how it accelerates on the highway, navigates stop-and-go traffic, maneuvers into a parking space, and more.

How Many Miles Does It Have?

We want to preface this by saying – you can still get a quality high-mileage vehicle. However, it’s important to know what you’re getting into. While they can still be reliable vehicles, a high-mileage vehicle may need part replacements or extra maintenance, and you want to check what’s been completed and what’s due.

What Features Does It Include?

Do you have your heart set on the innovative Alfa Romeo multi-touch display or intuitive safety technologies? If you have some must-have safety, tech, or design features, be sure to double-check to see what your new-to-you vehicle includes.

Ready to shop for a pre-owned Alfa Romeo Stelvio? Visit our Alfa Romeo dealership in Houston, TX to check out our vast selection – we’re confident we have a fit for you!