There’s a right way and a wrong way to wash your luxury car. You don’t want to make an expensive mistake, which is why our Alfa Romeo service experts have provided these exclusive tips on how to efficiently clean your car at home. 

Use Different Buckets 

When you get to the point where you start soaping your car, make sure to use two different buckets. One bucket should be filled with regular water, while the other bucket should be filled with soapy water.  

Dip a cleaning mitt into the soapy water and lather it across your car. Before you dip it back in, clean it out first in the bucket with only water. This extra step ensures that you’re not scratching your car’s paint with contaminants that were picked up during the first lather. Repeat this process each time you lather your car.  

Wash the Windows 

After you’ve rinsed the soap off and dried your vehicle, don’t forget to take care of your windows. Use your favorite window cleaning spray and follow its instructions for how to properly clean vehicle windows inside and out. The inside of your windows attracts dirt every time you open your doors, so it’s important that you clean them often so you have a better view of the road. 

Don’t Forget the Wheels 

We suggest finding a wheel spray at a local auto store to clean and polish your wheels. If your goal is to have the cleanest car on the block, the level of shine that comes from your wheels will make a difference. 

If you’re already doing some of these tips, keep up the great work! If not, our technicians at Helfman Alfa Romeo of Sugar Land are always here to help. Visit us soon with any questions you may have!