Everyone has a dream car, but it’s not always easy to buy that dream car. Budgeting is key if you’re interested in buying a luxury car, and our top-notch Alfa Romeo financing team is confident that you’ll be able to afford the car you want by following these tips. 

Figure Out the Total Price 

First, you must figure out the total price of the car you want. Obviously, the sticker price is the best place to get that information, but remember that you’ll also be charged with license and registration fees, sales tax, and possibly extended warranties. The total price is important because it will be the amount that you need to secure a loan.  

Calculate Monthly Payments 

When you finance a vehicle, you’re making a promise to pay it back with monthly installments. This amount is the base number of what you’ll be spending on your car on a regular basis. You must also think about maintenance and repairs, car insurance, and even bi-weekly car washes.  

All combined, you’ll have a true monthly payment number, which gives you a realistic approach to what kind of car you can truly afford.  

Trade In 

Trading in your current vehicle and using the cash as a down payment is highly recommended. At our Alfa Romeo dealership, we gladly accept trade-ins to help you get the car of your dreams. We will appraise your car and ensure that you get the highest possible offer.  

We invite you to test-drive one of the many Alfa Romeo vehicles on our lot. Get matched with one that best suits your driving needs, and our financing team will help you secure a loan that works for you.