Getting a pre-owned Alfa Romeo car is a fantastic deal. You get a high-quality luxury vehicle at a much lower cost. When inspecting pre-owned cars, you may notice that some of them have higher mileage. Though it makes sense to be wary of cars with more miles on them, many other factors can also affect a car’s reliability.

What is Mileage?

Mileage refers to the total number of miles a car has covered. This is an important piece of information to consider when purchasing a vehicle. Generally speaking, the farther a car has traveled, the more worn down its parts are. But mileage is just one part of the whole picture.


Time is an enemy for all things. A number of components start to break down as a car ages despite being used sparingly.

Rubber parts like gaskets and engine mounts will lose elasticity and crumble. Plastics items like clips and switches can get brittle and crack. It’s not wrong to assume that an old car with low mileage can be in a similar condition to a new car with substantially higher mileage.

Maintenance and Care

Ultimately, it’s how a driver takes care of a used car that determines the condition it is in. If a driver religiously takes a car in for regular maintenance, the high-mileage car will likely be good to go for tens of thousands of miles more.

Pre-owned luxury vehicles are a great deal you should not pass up. Get your Certified Pre-Owned Alfa Romeo vehicle from Helfman Alfa Romeo of Sugar Land. Come to our dealership today and we’ll find the right vehicle for you.