The Alfa Romeo service here at Helfman Alfa Rome of Sugar Land goes beyond oil changes and battery inspections. We also want to provide all the information and support you need for every ride, so you’ll be protected in case of an accident or break down on the road. Here’s a look at one of the most common roadside service needs, changing a tire.

How Do I Change a Tire?

Flat tires happen. The more you know about changing your tire, the easier it will be to get yourself and your vehicle to safety in the event of a flat. Here the simple steps you’ll want to take to change a flat tire:

  1. Get to safety. Before you can repair your vehicle, you want to pull off into a safe location. It’s helpful if the surface is flat, as that will make it easier to change out your tire.
  2. Pull out your tools. Locate your spare tire, your jack, and the lug wrench. You will want to begin by loosening the lug nuts on the wheel, but do not remove them.
  3. Jack up your car. Use your manual to find the reinforced location on the vehicle for the jack and then begin lifting until you are able to remove the tire. You will want to chock or lock the opposing tires in place, if possible.
  4. Remove the lug nuts and then switch out the tires. Always make sure your lug nuts are safely secured. Once the new tire is on, carefully replace the lug nuts, but don’t tighten them down.
  5. Lower your vehicle and tighten the lug nuts into place, taking care to tighten every other until they are all secure.

For more information on roadside service and to schedule Alfa Romeo service that you can rely on, come down to Helfman Alfa Romeo of Sugar Land today.