Chances are, you’ve become accustomed to the purr of your engine. So, when your vehicle starts making unusual noises, it’s usually a cause for concern. If you notice any of these noises, it’s time to schedule Alfa Romeo repairs at Helfman Alfa Romeo of Sugar Land.

A Squealing Noise

Is your vehicle impossibly loud when you come to a stop? A squealing noise is usually an issue with your brakes. There is a piece of metal that rubs against your rotor if the brake pad has become worn. This means it’s time to replace your brake pads.

A Hissing Noise

When you shut off your vehicle and hear a hissing noise, that typically signals a leak. It could be the result of liquid hitting your hot engine. There are several liquids that could be leaking. You can typically identify a liquid by its color.

  • Engine oil – amber (or darker if its old)
  • Transmission fluid – dark red
  • Coolant – can be green, orange, blue, purple, or yellow

A Clicking Noise

Do you hear a clicking noise when you turn over your engine? This usually means that your CV joint has become worn.

When it’s worn, it doesn’t have the grease it needs to lubricate your front axles, which causes the noise. It’s important to have it looked at before you end up needing to replace your axles.

A Groaning Noise

Do you hear a groaning noise when you turn your steering wheel? This typically means you have a problem with your power steering system. This needs to be looked at before you can no longer control your steering.

These are just a few of the warning noises to watch out for. If your car is making unusual sounds, reach out to our Houston, TX Alfa Romeo dealership to schedule a service appointment today!