Are you considering a new Alfa Romeo car or SUV at Helfman Alfa Romeo of Sugar Land? Can’t decide if you want to pay cash or considering Alfa Romeo finance options? We’re outlining both options to help you shop with confidence.

How Does Financing Work?

Auto financing includes securing an auto loan to pay for your vehicle, rather than paying for it upfront. You can conveniently apply for financing at our dealership with our financial experts. We collect a little basic information about your income and expenses to submit to our lenders to help you secure a loan. 

What are the Benefits of Financing?

Naturally, a luxury vehicle is a major investment. Even if you can pay cash for it, it isn’t always the best financial decision. Making regular payments on an auto loan can help you easily build up your credit.

Plus, there are lots of emergencies that could pop up that would require you to dip into your savings. And, if you’ve used your savings for a vehicle, that could leave you having to look elsewhere for the money. In fact, you could end up paying more for a personal loan than an auto loan.

What are the Benefits of Paying Cash?

If you aren’t concerned with using your savings for a new car, there are certainly lots of perks to paying cash for your vehicle, such as:

  • You don’t have to pay interest on a loan which could save you thousands
  • It can help ensure you spend within your budget
  • You’ll have instant equity in a vehicle
  • There’s no risk of becoming upside down in a loan

Still have questions? Visit our Alfa Romeo dealership in Houston, TX to chat with our team today!