Are you considering Alfa Romeo finance options for your new vehicle at Helfman Alfa Romeo of Sugar Land? We encourage shoppers to utilize the 20/4/10 rule when financing a new vehicle.

How Do I Finance a Car?

Financing a car is a convenient option for buyers that want to purchase a new vehicle but don’t want to drain their savings account paying for the vehicle upfront. You can conveniently apply for an auto loan through our dealership with our online application or by meeting with our financial team.

We recommend compiling your buying criteria before beginning the process including your employment information, your income, your mortgage/rent costs, and more.

How Much Can I Afford?

This is where the 20/4/10 rule comes in. It’s designed to help buyers determine what they can afford and budget for their new purchase.

  • 20 – plan to make a down payment of at least 20 percent
  • 4 – your lease term should be no more than four years in length
  • 10 – your total auto expenses (auto payment, insurance, maintenance costs, etc.) should be under 10 percent of your monthly income

What’s My Vehicle Worth?

If a 20-percent down payment feels like too much of a stretch, you may want to consider trading in your vehicle and applying your trade-in value to your loan instead. You can get an instant cash offer online anytime or bring your vehicle in for a quick assessment. We look at your vehicle’s make and model, its current market value, its mileage, and its condition.

Contact our Alfa Romeo dealership in Houston, TX with any questions you may have or stop in to get started today. We look forward to speaking with you soon!